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Glamis on Christmas 1999

We made this trip to Glamis during our Christmas vacation in 1999. We took some Glamis newbies with us. I think they had fun. :-)

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Ethan and Dave
stuck on the very
first dune.
Pullin' them out. Campfire Our Camp
Some Jeeps My dad and my sis Ethan's Jeep My Jeep
My dad and Blane What is ethan doing
to dave?
Campin stuff Chillin' at the top
of a dune.
ethan goin crazy Ethan stuck again. Cool Us kickin' it.
Dorks: Bridget
and Tiffany
We're all hanging
Some more Blane tearin it up
on his KX-500
Me and my sis Me and my jeep goin nutz fun.
huh? sweet. stuck one more time. Push!
Gettin ready to pull
him out.
Dorks again. Dave and Ethan Jeep sunset
Campfire time. Me in a daze Look at these old,
trigger-happy rednecks!
wait thats me.
huH? me us my sister and my
my dad blane's rig brian getting ready
to bust out in his jeep
yea cool my dads rig more dorks