Deep Sea Fishing

We went on Alan Smith's fishing boat. We left at midnight and cruised all night to San Clamente island. We trolled for Alabacore and caught a whole bunch.

Hanging out on the boat. Thats the skipper on the left.

Me and Kevin

We're going to get bait.

Still in Newport harbor.

Me and my dad.

Picking up the bait.


Is that a buoy? No, its just Kevin.

Scoop em.

The first fish... at about 7:00 am.

A little blue shark.

Have a look into the kill bag.

Oh look, bloody fish.

I named this one "Wiggles"

We started catching tons of em.

Off of the bow.

Kevin is taking a nap.

I don't think anyone loves fishing as much as the skipper.

More bloody fish.

I'm hooked into a big one.

This ones name is "Sushi"

There's the captain.

Dad caught a huge one.

Look at all those fish.

I think there was at least 22 of them.

But i forget.

Kevin is watching the skipper gut them.

Swabbing the deck.

We even caught a few seagulls.


Mmmm... sushi.

we cleaned fish for about an hour.



Slice and dice

I dont know what this is.