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Glamis September 1999

This is Glamis, with me, LoPo, matt, eric, and brian. September, 1999

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This is our camp,
with LoPo's S-10
and my Jeep.
Eric getting crazy
on the Kawasaki
My Jeep flyin'
across a dune.
Uh oh!
Eric, checkin out
the dunes.
LoPo's truck,
stuck in the middle
of our camp.
LoPo has a few
too many subwoofers
weighing him down.
Here's an aerial
shot of camp taken
from our attack
Yes, we like to
take several shots
of the same thing.
The jeep saves
LoPo's butt.
wow, look at
that Jeep.
LoPo givin' it
some gas.